Voice Dialogue Ads make Audio Advertising interactive and smart

Simon Dunlop about the future development fields of the audio market and why they are changing audio marketing forever.

Simon Dunlop, Co-Founder & International BDD of Instreamatic

Simon Dunlop is a serial entrepreneur with a lot of experience building companies in the online media and CPG sectors. He co-founded and built, where he developed voice-controlled advertising experiences for brands in a world of voice interfaces.

Instreamatic provides solutions for voice interactive audio spots. What does that exactly mean and what is the difference to common audio spots?

Voice dialogue ads represent a whole new breed of audio marketing creative. Our technology enables a dialogue between a brand and a consumer. Essentially, an interactive audio ad, whereby consumers can respond to audio ads with responses like "yes, I'm interested", "not interested--skip the ad", "call the company", "download the app", etc. Our ad creative is made up of three basic components; first a less than 10-second intro/tease addressing advertiser goals, followed by the listener response, followed by a custom response based upon consumer response including a possible less than 20-second audio response and/or a target action as described above. Voice-dialogue ads are interactive, intelligent and more fun. Audio ads represent a monologue with much lower levels of engagement.

What added value do voice interactive audio spots create for brands and consumers?

The lift in value for brands and consumers represents a tectonic shift. On the consumer side, our short, skippable ads enhance the UX significantly. From the marketer perspective, voice dialogues ads drive the highest levels of engagement and ad recall - over any other traditional forms of advertising creative. Voice ads are driving 10% to 15% engagement and interest rates at 4% to 6%. Beyond that, interactive ads allow the consumer to state their interest out loud and verbally. Studies show that when a person makes a statement out loud, they tend to shape their behavior to match their statement and intent. The implication to marketers is profound and maximizes the likely entry into the purchase funnel of the marketer at much deeper levels.


"Audio will continue to be recognized as one of the most powerful forms of ad creative due to its personal and highly resonant nature and the ability to deliver brand messages in a screen-free, hands-free environment."

To what extent can your offering complement classic audio offerings for companies?

Classic and traditional audio ad campaigns deliver brand messages and impressions. Voice dialogue ads deliver consumer engagement and commitment. Most importantly, voice ads fundamentally change the traditional strategy surrounding frequency. While historically marketers have relied upon the heavy repetition of potentially irritating commercials to drive top of mind awareness and action. Voice dialogue ads delivered in a continuous dialogue format, continuing the brand conversation over multiple sessions on different days and on different listening channels, eliminates the need for traditional levels of high frequency and wasted cost as well as remaining true to a better UX.

The subject of audio is developing rapidly, also due to new technologies. Podcasts, smart speakers and corporate sound design are just a few keywords. Where do you think the future development fields of the audio market lie?

The ability to engage consumers with interactivity via dialogue coupled with the ability to measure campaign performance with empirical data delivered in real-time will continue to shape marketing for years to come. True Voice AI leveraging natural language understanding and machine learning will expand to better understand consumer intents. The ability to measure age, gender, even mood is upon us now. All of these innovations in technology will continue to make smarter and more effective ad campaigns a reality.

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Instreamatic is the industry standard for voice dialogue advertising. The company offers a complete end-to-end solution for the management, measurement and monetization of voice-activated audio ads. Instreamatic platform is powered by True Voice AI which allows their clients to learn and predict consumer intents when they engage with voice dialogue ads.

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